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Learning Journey - CNAT ENTERPRISE

Reading in Business, Enterprise & Marketing

Year 10 Business

Autumn Term - Students will focus on a number of areas concerned with investigating small business. They will cover areas such as enterprise and entrepreneurship, the terminology used in business and consumer needs. Students will investigate business branding, sales and finance and methods of gathering research alongside analysis of market research.

Spring Term - Students will look at costing a product and how it can generate revenue in a business context. Students will look at various ways a business can be owned and how to ensure a successful product. Students will investigate the different stakeholders in a company and what each group wants from a business. There will also be a study of the legislation around the rights of employees and employers.

Summer Term - Students will look at the main economic influences that effect business along with how a business responds those economic influences. Students will investigate how business grow and evolve over time. There will be a focus on globalisation alongside environmental and ethical constraints.


Autumn Term  

Students will be given an introduction to the UK travel and tourism industry, exploring different visitor destinations and identifying customer needs and travel and tourism trends.  

Spring Term  

Students will look at how organisations identify customer needs and how these needs are met. This involves research into a case study to identify examples of these needs, such as yearly reports.  

Summer Term  

Students will look at factors that influence Global Travel and Tourism. This is broad range of issues currently effecting the sector. 


Autumn Term - Now that a product has been designed, students will move on to planning a pitch for their product. This will involve reviewing their brand, sales pitch and skills in preparation for a professional delivery as part of their exam. 

Spring Term - In preparation for their exam, students will learn about business ownership, ways to raise capital to start a business and the support available. Students will look at their business costing, revenue and how profit and loss works within a business context. Learners will create their own break-even charts and assess the outcomes.  

Summer Term - Students will prepare for and undertake their business exam. 


Autumn Term 

Students will continue with their study from year 10, looking at influences on Global Travel and Tourism and the impact of travel and tourism and sustainability globally.  

Spring Term  

Students will continue with their study on influences on Global Travel and Tourism, looking specifically at destination management. 

Summer Term 

Students will prepare for and undertake their business exam. 

Extra-curricular Activities 

Students will have opportunities to have one to one, after school sessions to help with key topics as well as guests speakers throughout the year. 

EWard, Subject Leader for ICT and Business