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curriculum Subjects

Please click on the list of the subjects to find out more about the curriculum and opportunities we provide here at The Telford Langley School.

Below are also links to the learning journeys which provide an overview of the planned curriculum in each year group.

Should you require any further information regarding our curriculum and its content please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Year 7 Learning Journey

YEAR 8 Learning journey

YEAR 9 learning journey


Unlocking Language

Learning the language or words specific to each subject helps us unlock knowledge and information in that subject. Subjects like science, maths, history, and design and technology have their own special words and phrases. If we don't understand these subject specific words, it can be hard for us to understand and enjoy all of the interesting facts in these subjects.

We have published a guide to language used in these subjects as well the most frequently used words. 

Tier 1

These are basic words that are commonly used in everyday conversations and have simple meanings. They are typically acquired naturally by children through their interactions with the world. Examples of Tier 1 words include "dog," "happy," and "run."

Tier 2

These are words that are more complex and have a higher frequency of use across different subjects . They are considered to be "academic" words as they are often found in textbooks, literature, and formal writing. Examples of Tier 2 words include "analyse," "evaluate," and "predict." These words are important for building students' vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Tier 3

These are subject-specific or specialised words that are used in specific subject areas. They are typically less commonly used in everyday language and are specific to particular topics or disciplines. Examples of Tier 3 words include "photosynthesis," "isotope," and "equation." These words are important for understanding and communicating concepts in specific subjects such as science, mathematics, or social studies.