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Alongside taught lessons and resources shared by subject teachers on Microsoft Teams there is a huge collection of online resources provided by different organisations that can be used to further develop knowledge and understanding. We have provided links to several online resources for many subjects and topics taught in school to support the work done in lessons and through Blended Learning.

Information on timetable and rewards can be found on the student portal and parent portal

Student Portal

parent portal

Below you can find subject specific links. These links will include websites such as Sparx (maths) or Tassomai (science) where class teachers will have set specific home learning tasks based on the content being delivered in lessons.


A range of Art based websites containing useful links, imagery and explanation of both styles and techniques.

The first section is closely connected to the topics covered in Art lessons in school in both keystage 3 and keystage 4.

These are a collection of websites that provide a more general look at Art  and the different periods, styles and processes.


A variety of links for websites with introductions to coding for keystage 3 pupils alongside useful information for students studying computer science in keystage 4.

Design and Technology

A collection of websites and links to topics covered in lessons along with wider subject content.



A collection of resources covering texts studied in English along with several concerned with reading and improving reading skills


A collection of resources to help develop deeper understanding of topics covered in lessons as well as wider geographical knowledge.


A collection of resources to help develop deeper understanding of topics covered in lessons as well as wider historical knowledge.

Resources should link to the following components to be useful

1A: Conflict and Upheaval in England: 1337-1381
1H: USA:  A Nation of Contrasts 1910-1929
2B: The Development of Germany, 1919-1991
2E: Changes in Crime and Punishment, 500.c - Present day


Every pupil has an account generated on Sparx, the expectation is that students will be logging into their account and testing their knowledge of work covered in lessons. You will also find a collection of other resources to help with topics in clouding videos and quizzes 

  • Sparx creates a weekly set of questions tailored to your level of understanding and learning pace. The questions are designed to be achievable whilst offering the stretch that learners need to make progress.  

Each week, topics are set by your maths teacher and will make up the majority of the homework questions. Questions from previous topics will also be included in the homework so you can keep practising the skills you have learned. 

Speak to your teacher if you need more information about SPARX - SPARX MATHS

MFL - French

A collection of resources supporting reading, writing and speaking in French

Username: langleymfl, Password: frenchmfl2 


A collection of websites and activities for both Keystage 3 and GCSE music.


A selection of links that provide information on physical activity and the importance of fitness. There are ideas for different types of physical fitnes


A collection of resources to develop further understanding of science. Many of these links will provide information that is closely linked to lessons covered in school.