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How can my child access Microsoft Teams?

They can access Teams via a web browser on any device or installing the app. Once at the login screen they will use their school email address and password to login and participate in their classes/lessons. If your son/daughter has any technical issues they should contact ICT Services.

What devices can use Microsoft teams?

As long as devices are connected to your home Internet, Microsoft Teams will work on your home computer, laptops, tablets, your child’s mobile phone and even most consoles. The Microsoft Teams app will need to be downloaded onto each device and accessed using the normal username and password

How will my child access their class work?

To explore Teams and see the class teams they're in, your child can sign in to Microsoft Teams. The Teams tab on the left side of the screen will show all of the classes you child is in, by clicking on these they will access the work shared by their teacher. Students will also receive an email notification when they've been added to a team.

How are assignments turned in using Teams?

Your child can turn in their assignments by navigating to the Assignments tab in the General or sub channel of their class team, then selecting an assignment. They can attach any appropriate work and select ‘Turn in’.

What to do if my child does not have access to a laptop or computer?

Microsoft Teams can be downloaded to both Apple and Android phones however to get the most out of Microsoft Teams it is best to use a laptop/computer. Please make sure you have let the school know you don’t have a device at home by emailing

How is activity and communication monitored in TEAMS?

Since Teams for Education is designed to serve as a digital classroom hub, it features many ways to support teachers in classroom management. Teachers can mute students who may add distracting or inappropriate messages to group discussions, and they can delete those unproductive messages entirely. As a communication platform with specific features to support teaching and learning, Teams is a great opportunity for your child to build and practice digital citizenship alongside their academic learning.