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Blended Learning

At Telford Langley school we continue to use the Microsoft Teams platform as the key resource to develop a ‘blended learning’ model. Blended learning using Microsoft Teams will mean that students use the same IT learning tools both in school and when at home. Both learning in school and completing regular homework/revision tasks will be enhanced due to the inherent benefits of the platform. Importantly they can use these resources to help develop their knowledge further, providing parents with a clear picture of what they are currently learning, leading to more effective engagement with ongoing learning. Further details on using Microsoft Teams and Blended learning can be found by using the links on this page

What does this mean for pupils?

  • Wherever possible students should have access to a computer at home (if this is not the case, please email to make the school aware).
  • All students  download Microsoft Teams on their home computer. It would be beneficial if they downloaded this to their phone as well.
  • Pupils will receive training on using teams when in school.
  • All students must spend a minimum of 2 hours a week working at home on Microsoft Teams throughout the academic year.
  • Every pupil should be checking their class teams regularly to help extend learning and reinforce key knowledge. (Teachers will continue to monitor engagement in class teams and activities completed over Teams)

How will the school support pupils?

  • Lessons and supporting resources will be uploaded to class teams by the subject teacher to ensure that pupils not in school can access the resources as well as allowing pupils following the lesson to revisit key knowledge.
  • Staff will upload resources to pupils’ individual class teams to support learning being reinforced or to allow additional understanding to be developed.
  • Staff will regularly communicate through teams with pupils with information relating to their subject.
  • The school will strengthen access to devices in lessons providing opportunities for pupils to develop skills using teams.
  • Important resources and notifications will be sent to pupils throughout the year over teams.
  • Technical support will be given to parents if required to help them in ensuring access to the resources at home or advice on home learning generally by emailing:

How can I support as a parent?

  • Check your child has access to a laptop/home computer with teams downloaded.
  • Make sure they know how to access teams and they can see all their classes as soon as possible (if there are any issues, please email
  • Make sure throughout the school year your child is doing at least 2 hours a week on teams accessing their class teams. This is vital if they are to reinforce key knowledge.
  • Regularly engage with your child’s  home learning through quizzing and ongoing knowledge retrieval using the knowledge organisers 


As a school we are committed to a blended learning approach using Microsoft Teams – We encourage all pupils to spend at least 2 hours a week engaging in teams. This can include recapping on the lesson material covered as well as identifying the key knowledge covered in a range of ways.


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