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Headteacher's award Part 1

And the award goes to...

Student of the week….

  • Jacob Price – Perseverance and outstanding effort and attitude to school
  • Jodie Bellwood – Showing great honesty and integrity
  • Harry Bailey – Outstanding commitment to their studies and extracurricular activities
  • Pharrell Shouli – Showing great honesty and integrity

500 Award….

  • Peyton Martin

Congratulations to Peyton Martin as she has become the first student at The Telford Langley School to reach 500 Reward Points. Students across the school are rewarded with lapel badges, certificates and vouchers as they reach Bronze, Silver and Gold level Awards for their exceptional effort, behaviour and positive contribution to school life. In reaching 500 points, Peyton has also received a Diamond Trophy and chocolate bar.

Well done Peyton!

Last but certainly not least...

Congratulations to Mr Carter, who was awarded the 'Best of the Best' Excellent Headteacher Award for his dedication and long service to the school community.