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Strike Action 15 & 16 March 2023

Strike Action 15 & 16 March 2023

Following on from my last letter I can confirm that the largest teacher union, the NEU, plans to continue strike action on 15th and 16th March. I am writing to give you as much notice as possible of the likely impact of this planned industrial action.

As stated previously, our sincere hope is that a resolution to the current dispute can be found and that his is not a matter the trust can resolve locally.  Our overriding priority continues to be to minimise, as much as we can, the potential negative impact on and disruption to our pupils and we will do everything possible to maintain normal education provision throughout any period of action.

While the planned action is as a result of a national dispute between the union and the government, and not Community Academies Trust, it is important that we respond accordingly. As such, the senior leadership team at school has been working closely with staff in order to plan for the strike days. At this stage, we understand that a significant number of colleagues will be taking industrial action.

We have examined the school timetable for Wednesday 15th March and Thursday 16th to see if we can manage the safe supervision of pupils. However, because of the significant number of teachers absent due to strike action we are not able to ensure the safe supervision for all pupils. Therefore, on Wednesday 15th March and Thursday 16th March, our school can remain only partially open and we will put the following arrangements in place:

  • Year 11 to attend school as normal with the usual catering provision place
  • Students in Years 7-10 eligible for Free School Meals will be able to collect a double packed lunch from the Heart Space at the end of the school day on Tuesday 14th March
  • The details of remote learning on the Teams platform will be shared soon in a separate correspondence for Years 7-10.

I apologise for having to close to Year groups 7 to 10 the school on these days, and for any inconvenience this causes you.

I will write to you to confirm the school arrangements as soon as I am able before any further strike day planned by the union.

If you have any questions or concerns about the arrangements outlined above, please email

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.